Foyle O-Bon Video Projects

Foyle O-Bon Video Projects

Foyle O-Bon has commissioned me to create some educational short films combining motion graphics, animations and footage.

Project Details

We’ve created a few shorts to show Japanese culture and how it is celebrated. We’ve covered topics such as Bon Odori dancing, Taiko, Festivals, and how we celebrate Obon festival here in Northern Ireland.


As the pandemic hit, it became very clear that we weren’t going to be able to have the festival in the way that we would normally. And so with the assistance and understanding of various funders, we began creating some educational short films to be used to explain what Foyle O-Bon is and how providing a space for cultural diversity within our community is vital for growth and well being.

Projects we’ve collaborated on:

Bon Odori Dance

Tokyo Tales

Taiko Tales

Ichi go Ichi e